Just Show Up To Present Your Expertise
and We'll Do The Rest?

Go To Webinar is the best platform to do webinars hands down. The only problem is that it is very expensive ($500 EACH MONTH) which makes it almost impossible for someone who is just getting started with webinars!

The Better Way is With Webinar Valet!

Here's What You Get With Webinar Valet

#1 - Two Hosted For You Go To Webinars Per Month ($500 Per Month Value)

#2 - The Entire Awesome List Below

  • A complete go to solution for all your webinar hosting needs
  • Pre-webinar technical setup so all functions work properly
  • A “Show-Up” campaign that maximizes your show up rate
  • Special day of, webinar attendance boost tactics to get max registrants on your webinar
  • Fielding all questions until you wish to answer them
  • Sorting of questions by importance
  • Asking questions to the presenter during the webinar to keep users engaged (if desired)
  • Recording of your webinar
  • Editing your webinar so it sounds sharp and clear for future replays and downloads
  • Converting your webinar so it is easy to view online
  • Posting your webinar, making your technical involvement zilch
  • Adding Scarcity and call to actions on the replay page for you
  • Sending out and monitoring replay attendance of non-attendees
  • Creating an attendee & non-attendee report for you
  • Compiling a general questions asked report post webinar
  • Uploading your webinar to an evergreen webinar format
  • Even Integrating your webinar with auto responders
  • And much, much more!!!

#3 - Awesome Monthly Webinar Graphics

Beautifully Designed and Professional Slide Templates Completely Done For You Added Monthly.

Use these in your presentations immediately and have great looking graphics for your slides!

Beautifully Designed and Professional About Me Slides Done For You Added Monthly.

Your About Me Page should be impressive and they certainly will be with these Templates!

#4 - Debbie Drum's Best Webinar Practices Training Added Each Month

  • Best Conversion Strategies To Get Your Webinars Converting Attendees Into Sales
  • Webinar Evaluations to show you why webinars convert so well and what they're doing so you can use the same winning strategies for your webinars
  • Webinar Best Practices (like knowing the order to say certain things in, knowing when to stop teaching and when to start selling, etc)
  • This teaching will be great if you are new to doing webinars or a webinar veteran!
  • And much much more amazing webinar content!

#5 - 1 Install of InstaBuilder ($197 Value)

InstaBuilder is one of the premiere sales page and squeeze page builders on the market. You can build UNLIMITED beautiful sales pages all with a couple of clicks! It's So Easy!

Since we have the Developer's Rights to the Software, we are including one install with our package. That's worth $197!

Meet The Team

You see, my team and I are frankly technical geeks and love webinar technology. Allow us to make a formal introduction, we are…

Damien Rufus – Technical Guru (aka Geek), and Infusionsoft Certified Consultant with a mean eye toward making the seemingly impossible, possible through advanced technologies and a little bit of nerd power.

Debbie Drum - Content Marketing Expert, Writer, and Product Creator. Has been known to have 33+% conversions on webinars and products she sells.

Now that we’re all acquainted, it’s important for you to know we’ve done over 300 webinars with complete ease. And now, we’ve decided to offer to setup and run your webinars FOR YOU so you never have to deal with the technical hassles ever again.

This Is Your Chance To Get Your Webinar Technology Hosting, Setup, And Replays Done For You!

Here’s Why It Works So Well:

Through years of hard work and focus with over 100 webinars, we’ve crafted an exact step-by-step system has been created to ensure the webinar is 100% technically sound. Zero challenges. Runs right, every single time.

That’s why when you have us run your webinar for you, you’ll never encounter a situation where you have hundreds (or thousands) of people on the line and everything breaks down.

You must make sure you think in advance of some catastrophe ever happening on your webinar because if you don’t it WILL cost you money. Big money. That’s why this is vitally important to your business because without it you run the risk of losing thousands and tens of thousands of dollars (or more) from webinars breaking.

Plus, most people don’t know how to combine all the technical systems that enable you to make 1 click integrations, insert the proper email sequences (pre, during, and post webinar), and have total email automation for the most profit possible.

I know you want to profit with ease from your webinars… and so here’s what we have for you…

We created Webinar Valet when we saw how many people were dealing with technical crashes to their webinars. A technical crash can cause financial ruin for your webinar. And judging by all the feedback we’ve already gotten, we’re quite confident it can help YOU too.

You see, we’ve created this so that you can show up to your webinar and present. Nothing else needed on your part.

With Webinar Valet you’ll receive:

And although this sounds like your investment is going to be tons of money… it won’t.

Choose 1 Package

Choose 1 Package Below Now - Please See Chart Above For The Differences Between The 2 Packages

Premier Package:  (See Above For Details of What's Included)

Webinar Valet Debbie & Damien Premiere Webinar Service

Starter Package (See Above For Details of What's Included)

Webinar Valet Debbie & Damien Premiere Webinar Service

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s the catch?”

After all… a one stop shop where all your webinar hosting and running and technical handling should cost much more. Especially since it includes editing, converting and monitoring your replays as well. You get all this for 2 webinars a month for this astoundingly low amount.

But truth be told, it’s important to me to make sure you get a great value. It’s good for our reputation. And it helps us help more people. Besides, once word gets out, we’re not sure we will be able to keep it at this price for long.

But you won’t need to worry about that! Acting fast has its rewards:

Limited to The First 25 Clients!

Webinar Valet is offered at this incredibly low rate for the first 25 who join. After that, prices are sure to rise, significantly.

So go ahead now and secure your access today.

And remember, you will lose far more money from having one of your webinars break down, or lag, or have some weird technical glitch than the nominal fee to have us run your webinars for you.

Think of this as your technical insurance that ensures everything runs smoothly in your business. Plus it takes the huge burden of hosting and running your webinar off your shoulders. And you get someone right there to help you at every step of the way.

And one more thing you should know:

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing

We know you work hard for your money. We know you’re buying this solely on the promises we’ve laid out to you. So we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. We want to become your go-to technical resource for all your marketing needs. So, if for any reason Webinar Valet doesn’t work out for you… all you have to do is let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll promptly refund all your money. Zero questions, zero hassles – it’s that simple. Sounds pretty fair, right?

Here’s Everything You’re Getting:

  • Your complete webinar hosting
  • A killer show up sequence to maximize attendees
  • Fielding all questions until YOU want to answer them
  • Asking questions to keep listeners engaged (only when you desire)
  • Recording your webinar
  • Editing your webinar
  • Posting your webinar
  • Uploading your webinar to the replay page
  • Adding scarcity and CTA buttons on your replay page
  • Monitoring webinar replays
  • Integrating with auto responders
  • Plus some seriously amazing nerdy geeks in your corner who are there to back you up!

With that said…

Here’s What To Do Now :

As you can see, we have made this as easy as possible for you.

As soon as you sign up you’ll get instant access to everything mentioned with Webinar Valet.

Simply click the order button below which meets your monthly needs. Fill in your order details and click submit. Once you do, you will be contacted by one of your new geeky webinar techies who will answer any questions you have and setup your webinar right away.

The process is extremely simple and you can look forward to having effortless webinars immediately. So go ahead and fill out the order form now and we’ll see you on the “other side”:

I realized that I’m protected by a 100% money-back guarantee if I’m unsatisfied in anyway.

Choose 1 Package Now

Premier Package:  (See Above For Details of What's Included)

Webinar Valet Debbie & Damien Premiere Webinar Service

Starter Package (See Above For Details of What's Included)

Webinar Valet Debbie & Damien Premiere Webinar Service

Debbie Drum and Damien Rufus

P.S. Remember, this incredibly low initial amount is only for the first 25 clients who come aboard. Grab this while it’s available!

P.P.S. Remember you have absolutely nothing to lose because of our 30 day complete money-back guarantee. Don’t miss out — secure your copy now!

P.P.S. You’re still here. You’re obviously interested. You obviously don’t want to continue living with technically frustrating webinars. Immediately with our help, you can have this all cleared up. You owe it to yourself to try — especially considering there’s absolutely nothing to lose. Take advantage while the opportunity is in front of you because if you come back even 5 minutes too late down the line, we’ll have to apologize and charge you a higher price or simply turn you away…

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